Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Cookie Jars


  1. Okay, so the nice thing about the tardis cookie jar is that it holds more cookies on the inside than would fit in the same space on the outside.

    The problem with the Spock cookie jar is that the cookies he holds cannot make you happy because that is an emotion.

    The cookies in the Superman cookie jar will break your teeth.

    The problem with the Tesla cookie jar is that when you eat a cookie you have to spit it out (alternating current).

    1. Great comment! Who would have thunk that cookie jars had so many problems?

  2. The problem with the Batman cookie jar is that you can only open the lid on a dark night.

  3. My choice of the last one reflect a new nature that's no longer unregenerate but loves Calvinism

  4. Actually, that's a Nikola-Tesla-with-a-sporangium-shaped-tumor-on-his-head cookie jar. If it were the Tesla cookie jar, it would be too hard to get inside his head.


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