Saturday, July 20, 2013

Random Word Writing Challenge #43

Just take dese four woirds and makes sumthin' out of 'em!
Like a story...yeah, that's it. A little story,
Or whatever you can dreams up.
Go ahead! Git started!
I dares ya!


  1. The heat was so intense my blood seemed to boil. Sweat dropped on the pages of my new Bible, which made me angry. It was time to don my "cooling suit" - an invention of mine to prevent becoming overheated in the Amazon.
    After securing the helmet, I turned on the fan unit located inside the uniform. Now I could read in comfort and not ruin any pages.
    That's when I discovered an Amazonian bee had been hiding in my helmet.

  2. The HELMET of salvation may not protect you from a BOIL or a BEE but it will protect you when a FAN of doubt comes near.

  3. The Helmeted Bee Part One

    "What does that freaky looking letter say, TwiceBornDude?" I inquire, scratching my head as I rise from my seat.

    "Great fireballs of waterfall pickle chips, RebornMan, this is from The Helmeted Bee!"

    "You know him?"

    "No, never heard of him."

    I smile weakly. "Oh. Well, let's see what he has to say..."

    "Dear Calvin Worshippers," my friend begins as I read over his shoulder, "My name is The Helmeted Bee. Yes, the The is capitalized. And I want you to know that my blood has begun to boil! I'm no fan of your ax-murderer friend, Calvin, and thus I'm not a fan of you. You've helped poison this little town, and I'll do something to stop you! Signed, The Helmeted Bee."

    "This town's not little, and 'something' isn't much of a threat," I comment, shaking my head.

    "What should we do, RebornMan?"

    "This is what we'll do..."


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