Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Just for Laughs #268

Dialog time once again


  1. ...so you see Sally, science proved beyond the shadow of a doubt in 1492 that the earth is round. A fact that Judeo-Christianity stupidly denied all the way up until 3,000 BC

  2. No Sally, when Jesus said that the end would come once the Gospel was preached to all the world he was talking about the end of the Jewish state, the end of the city and temple not the end of the world.

    Therefore .....

    you will have to do your homework this weekend.

  3. Hey, Sally, if that's your REAL name...I will not allow you to pronounce "evolution" EVILoution. Do it again and I will bop your little nose with my pencil.

  4. Just because it's called "Chile", doesn't mean you can eat it. And besides, today's geography lesson is about Peru. Now behave, Sally, or I swear I will stop homeschooling you and send you to the public school down the street where the devil is the principal and the cafeteria dispenses condoms right next to the ketchup packets!

  5. Beth Moore once again hears from God in one of her meditations - "Beth, Beth can you hear me? Snap out of it Beth, you're freaking me out! Beth?"


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