Saturday, December 15, 2012

Just for Laughs #242

All these men and nothing to say? I seriously doubt it.
What are they planning? Just what is going on?
You tell us!


  1. After touring the country in their churchmobile The Gay Christian Men's Club votes to repent and disband. Their final order of business is to choose brides from Saddleback's Purpose Drive singles catalog.

    1. Saddleback SingleladyDecember 15, 2012 at 5:38 AM

      Chalk one up for cutting edge based on reality.

  2. TBN's staff just perfected the church-mobile that people can drive in order to spread God's word. And sell some healings.

  3. No, the spinner has clearly landed on right foot yellow, and our interpretation guide states that you all must empty the contents of your wallets into this bag. And don't forget to give me the pass codes for your credit and debit cards. Then, turn and face the Rick Warren poster on the wall and sing Amazing Grace. Got it?

  4. Doc Savage's team discuss their fate in the 86th floor after Doc leaves for Saddleback Seminary.

    "I knew there'd be trouble when we ran into Rick Warren in Africa," Monk exclaimed.

    "I can't believe he fell prey to the Mars Hill mind trick. Doc's better than that," added Renny.

    Johnny piped up, "Gentlemen, it would have been no issue if it were Hinn or Osteen. But after John Piper's acceptance of him in recent years, Warren's appearance at R12 this year only made him seem that much more credible. Indubitably Doc hasn't been following Driscoll's own madness with pornographic visions and the Elephant Room."

    Long Tom wondered aloud, "Where did we hide that Romans 9 grenade? That's the only thing that'll get through to him."

  5. ... and in this one he mocks our founder, Right Reverend Finny, as well as chapter leader Warren. I tells ya something must be done or Mr. Eddings will drive us to ruin.

    On a bright note though, at least our car is big enough to hold all of us.

  6. Saddle Back Mountain Diaconate discuss placement of their new Parking lot collection device, the "offertory sedan!"

  7. The hipsters really do grow up.... And saddleback comes full circle. Right after the resurrection of Amy Grant lyrics and Sandi Patty CDs


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