Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Free NEW Online Study Bible

Don't say I never gave you anything!
Enjoy it amigos and click here.


  1. Ya, I started using it this morning... it is VERY NICE! Even better than the ESV Online and the NetBible Online (which are very very good, this one is just better!)

  2. Thanks for the useful link. Very spiffy!

  3. One great thing is, among other volumes of reference books, you have access to many of the Holman Commentary Series.

  4. This looks really cool. Thanks. I am looking forward to trying it out!

  5. HEY! Be careful! Saying ANYTHING is better than the ESV Whatever Version may get you booted from The League of Committed Calvinistic Dudes/Dudettes. Don't say you weren't warned.

    We provide this as a public service of The National Football League.


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