Sunday, August 29, 2010

Take Time to Tune Up


  1. And what's worse is that many of them have forgotten what piece they are supposed to be playing in the first place!

    Either that, or they think it doesn't really matter. : (

  2. The resulting cacophony can be deafening, or too many orchestra members only sit there and expect the music to happen without them. Some people don't realize that the few minutes of performance requires hours upon hours of private practice and sometimes sectional rehearsals.

    What is annoying is when brass members try to play string parts or drums try to play woodwind parts. Some people need to learn to play only the parts that were written just for them. Also annoying is when some members get up and try to conduct at the same time the conductor is conducting. They do this because they think the conductor isn't conducting very well. The result is that you have multiple people trying to conduct different ways at the same time. The rest of the orchestra doesn't know who to follow.

    But tuning is VERY important. That's why I like playing the trombone. The trombone is capable of instant and infinite tuning if played well (it takes much practice). The problem is when the rest of the orchestra isn't playing in tune. (Of course, I bet all the players would say the same thing.)


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