Thursday, August 26, 2010

Just for Laughs #119

Let the laughter start rickosheting!


  1. Okay, I admit that I knew that the B.B. Warfield discussion group that I invited you to was really going to be an AMWAY meeting. You don't have to get so sore about it. You and your shadow put away your heat.

  2. Arminian 1: Freeze!

    Arminian 2: No, you freeze!

    Arminian 1: I'm in control here, you have to do as I say!

    Arminian 2: I have control of myself, and you have to do what I say because I'm in control here, not you!

    Arminian 1: Baloney! I have control of myself and you have control of yourself, so that means that I can shoot you if I want to.

    Arminian 2: If you do that than you deny my free will. What kind of Arminian are you anyway?

    Arminian 1: Same kind as you.

    Arminian 2: Well, then I can shoot you too.

    Arminian 1: And deny me of my free will?

    Arminian 2: Well, it would be my choice.

    Arminian 1: I have a choice too so I could just shoot you!

    Arminian 2: Well, why don't you?

    Arminian 1: What kind of Arminian are you?

  3. I'm comin' up there, see. And I'm gonna lay hands on you all and you're all gonna hit the floor, see. And you're gonna like it, too.

  4. I'm tellin' ya the truth, Bugsy. These ain't real million dollar bills in da bag. Gots bible verses on the back and besides, Ray Comfort was never president, I looked it up.

  5. @jctfx

    lol & tagmsodmdbt*

    * laughing out loud & thinkin' about gettin' me some o' dem million dollar bill tracts

  6. No, don't shoot - its Andy, your friend... I know it looks like I was robbing your place.. but honestly, check my bag, its empty.

    So if you are my friend Andy, what the heck were you doing in my apartment?

    If you must know, I was leaving that book I told you about "Chosen by God" by your bedside.. ok.. and I left the DVD series too.. oh and the Study guide.. oh, and the CD series for your car...

  7. In one of their earlier meetings Al "Arminian" Capone and Elliot "Cal's Pal" Ness argued over doctrinal differences. Ness insisted Capone was predestined to jail, and then eternity in Hell but Capone insisted the choices were his.


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