Thursday, August 19, 2010

For My Arminian Friends

Arminian publisher, Amy Simple McFireside, hawks the newest book, "Against Calvinism" on the streets of Chicago. That same book will soon be available to purchase once again. Find out all about it right here!
Part of the review reads:
"This resource is one for those of both theological viewpoints to read. We think one will find that at the end of the day, in the real world, the Calvinist reaction may be slack-jawed astonishment as his Arminian friend lays out the logical arguments and supporting Scriptures contained within this tome. We have labored to make the arguments refuting Calvinism simple and plain enough that even the “babe in Christ” – one who is still on the spiritual milk – can understand, memorize and communicate them."
I have ordered one myself! I suggest everyone do the same, whether you are a Calvinist, an Arminian or something in-between.


  1. You'll have to give us a review!

  2. From above:
    “whether you are a Calvinist, an Arminian or something in-between.”

    Would we call them a Calminian or Arminist or maybe even a Arvinist?

  3. So if it is coming soon but hasn't come yet, then the reviews are really blurbs.

    Their premise that they approached the subject without any presuppositions is itself a presupposition, and an untrue one. No one can approach the scriptures without some manner of presupposition. Otherwise, there is no basis for finding any kind of meaning. If they accurately portrayed the tenets of either side, then their basis for choosing one over the other is indeed presupposition.

  4. Advance copies were sent out to certain people. These people had different presuppositions. We sent some copies to people who had already passed on but, haven't received any response as yet.

  5. RE: "Without presuppositions."

    Don't confuse us with facts, Jim.

  6. Can't wait for this. Looks like it will be a good read.

  7. Having personally read this astonishing rebuttal of Calvinism I can attest to the fact that the arguments are so simply explained that one need not even know how to read to comprehend them.

  8. I bet their arguments are irresistible. There's no way anyone could deny their veracity.

    Wait a minute...


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