Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Yesterday, there were 209 who had joined Calvinist Cartoons. Today, 208. There can be only one explanation. It has happened before. I call it...murder.
I know not everyone who joins is a Calvinist. I have a good, many Arminian friends with a sense of humor, who read this blog regularly. But the DNA testing is conclusive...murder. I can't help but wonder why this blog has stopped growing in members. It had been 209 for the longest time. The new stats provided by a local detective agency, shows that the murderer is traveling by a mule somewhere in the hills of Tennessee at the present time. I only hope Corky Velveeta doesn't run into him. Be careful, my friends. He is NOT, I repeat, NOT a Calvinist! But, he may disguise himself as one.


  1. Back to 209! But wait...did I just ruin this cartoon?


  2. Okay, now it's 210. Had me in tears yesterday (of laughter, that is), so I figured I owed it to you.

  3. Thanks, you two, for joining "the ranks"...and I mean that in a positive way.

  4. That's still, oh, about 210 more than follow my blog, Eddie.

  5. @Jeff Peterson

    I just signed up to follow your swell blog on Google Reader, Bro.
    Hey, it says you have 41 followers. That is 4 more than mine has :/

  6. @Mr. Stranger:

    Well, that's because you are swift enough of mind and fleet enough of keyboard and rodent figure to out such. I haven't a clue. In more ways than one. Just ask Eddie.

  7. In the spring I had a huge number of followers... 22. Then it went down to 21 and after some investigation I realized it was because the person believed that one cannot be saved unless they are baptized, even if they trust in Christ...mmmm. I guess when they found out that I did not agree...they disappeared.


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