Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Just for Laughs #117

A caption will reveal everything.
Proceed when ready.


  1. Well, well, well Mr. R.C. Sproul VI. As you know, Mr. Sproul, I am the owner the world's greatest collection of personally owned items by yesteryears great men of God - that is prior to the third great awakening of course. As you can see, I have behind me D.L. Moody's velocipede. I also own John MacArthur's college football jersey and a Bounty 500 suit from Ligon Duncan, which brings me to you, Mr. Sproul. I am willing to offer you 100 million space dollars for your great, great, great grandfather's black board. Well, how'bout it Mr Sproul? Do we have a deal?

  2. So that was Peter's chair he spoke from - must be a tad uncomfortable - no wonder Bennie you are hunched over and have cut back on ex cathedra comments.

  3. On this day in Ork Evangelical History Mork received his ordination and was sent to evangelize Earth. As a Space Calvinist, Mork knew this day was preordained and he intended to walk in the good works that God had prepared for him.


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