Saturday, September 8, 2012

Find Five Things in this Photo

Find the five things and tell us how you arrived at your conclusion.
Enlarge the photo then look for:
(1) An Atheist
                         (2) A follower of Benny Finney
        (3) A future blogger
  (4) An Arminian
(5) A Calvinist
In this game it is important to use deductive thinking.


  1. 1. Woman with the can of DNA coffee
    3. Eddie walking in the door
    4. The Arminian on the way to Armenia.
    5. Guy with Against Calvinism on his desk.

    Still trying to figure out #2.

  2. I'm guessing the guy jumping in the background is 2.

  3. I don't want to frustrate anyone but, you have it completely wrong. If it will help...try thinking like I would five seconds before I fall asleep...yeah, maybe that'll help.

  4. Okay, I am going to take a stab at this.

    (1) the Atheist is the guy with the sign on his desk that says, "Sorry, We're Closed" - because Atheists have their minds shut.

    (2) the follower of Benny Finney is the lady with the DNA coffee. I figure she bought it as a prank gift for Benny Finney himself.

    (3) the future blogger is the guy in the background jumping over desks. On a 200x magnification you can clearly see it is none other than Craig Boyd, who will one day do a blog called Stranger in a Strange Land.

    (4) the Arminian is the guy with the "Against Calvinism" (by Jeff Peterson, Eddie Eddings and Jon Cardwell). He obviously bought it by mistake and is now trying to sell it.

    (5) the Calvinist is YOU, Mr. Eddings.

    I hope I got these right - and even though, you said nothing about a prize, I think you will do the right thing and send me $7,000.

    1. Amazing! You got each one right! Congratulations! I will certainly be sending you a check for $7,000.
      One question - how long have you been reading Calvinistic Cartoons? I have never seen your name here before.

    2. If it's any of your business, I have been reading Calvinistic Cartoons for over an hour. Just shut up and send the money! I want to buy some electronics.

  5. Methinks "Tabs McConnell" is also you, Mr Eddings!


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