Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Balloon Fill #1

Congratulations Jim Payer
Your entry won by just a "hay-er"
(that's hair with a southern accent)

The rules are simple as Pi. Keep it theological. Don't overfill the balloons. (the Richard Boone looking dude in the yellow shirt will NOT be saying more than the other guy...and he will not be saying more than a one or two sentences.) The winner will be given credit, his dialog will appear in the picture, and he or she will receive the Calvinistic Cartoons Home Edition game on their 90th birthday!


  1. Man 1: Augustine, people will be looking to do something to be saved for all time.
    Man 2: Pelagius, somebody still has to speak against you. Sola Gratia will win in the end.

  2. Green shirt: "I'll say it one more time slowly: Jesus said...'I give them eternal life and they will never perish.' Was Jesus lyin' Jacob?"

    Yella shirt: "Touche'"

  3. David & Goliath On The Prairie

    Green shirt: Well scorch my cornbread, yer a little guy ain't ya! C'mere and let me shave that grin off'n yer face!

    Yella shirt: This here battle is the LORD's!

  4. Dude:
    You no good, dirty Calvinist! Servetus was my great-great grandpappy and I'm gonna carve you up good!

    Other dude:
    Not gonna happen, Sissy-man!

  5. -- "You Arminians are all alike! Bringing an awl to a theological knife fight!"

    -- "That's right, Calvinist. Awl means awl.

  6. "Calvinist, let me disabuse you of your obvious antinomian log in your eye."
    "No sir Armenian, let me carve that heresy off that cornea now."

  7. Love the comments especially the last one.



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