Monday, October 15, 2012

Believe It or Get Out #1

Moochie Bonhayden was called "The Creature Preacher". He lived in London in the early part of the 20th century.The Reverend Moochie Bonhayden felt he was called to preach the Gospel to every creature. (see Mark 16:15 KJV) He would visit the Glens and the Dales, and when finished visiting those families, he would stroll into a park, forest or zoo. He tried his best to preach in the language of the animals and use verses that would interest their kind. He was bitten countless times by angry squirrels who must have resented him sticking his head in their tree. One summer he almost drowned when he attempted to baptize a hippopotamus and her baby. Rev. Bonhayden tried to enlist several praying mantises to support his work. Only one was faithful. Moochie named him, Sparky, and carried him everywhere in his hat. It was evident early on, that the Creature Preacher would probably die a horrible death. To everyone's amazement, Moochie Bonhayden lived to be 93. He died in his sleep on October 15, 1941. Several tapirs were seen at his wake. Sparky's exoskeleton was buried with him. 


  1. From now on if I see a church advertising a "Blessing of the Animals" , I will think of Moochie Bonhayden. Also Sparky's devotion is very moving. But as they say, "Greater love hath no praying mantis than it lay down its carapace for its friend."

    1. Oh hi Persis! Cool seeing a comment from before we met!

  2. I might have to capture a tapir to take to some church's "blessing of animals" service.


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