Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Just for Laughs #233

Now looky heah, we need a caption...a goooooood caption!


  1. You see, Sheriff, it says right here in 2 John to not even let people in the door if they teach anything different about Jesus. It means we must nip it in the bud

  2. Barney: What's this Ange?

    Andy: It was called a hymnal, Barney. They were outlawed in the late 1990s...that was before we needed ear plugs and 3D glasses for Sunday-go-to-meetin'.

  3. Barney: Hey, looky here Andy, Hymn #289 — My Lord, I Did Not Choose You. We gotta nip that Calvism in the bud. You're the sheriff and I'm your deputy. Together we can get this hymn out of the Baptist Hymnal.

    Andy: Uh,...Barn?

    Barney: Yeah, And.

    Andy: Didn't you know I'm a Calvinist?

    Barney: [fustrated] Well don't that beat all; a Calvinist right here in Mayberry; and of all people you Andy.

  4. Andy, it says right here that you cain't git there from here.

  5. Why are we doing another song by Otis Skillings? And where are the verses to "Turn Your Eyes upon Jesus"?


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