Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Guess Who #29

Piece the clues together and see if you can identify this man.
I will post the unmixed photo when someone gets it.
You'll have to dig a little...it's a little tougher than usual.

1. His father is a member of the board of trustees for Oral Roberts University
2. He is 6' 5"
3. His mother teaches a Bible Study
4. He attended the Grace Christian Academy in the Cayman Islands
5. He played a famous evangelist in a movie
6. With the help of CGI, he played identical twins in a now famous movie 
7. He was in a drama directed by Clint Eastwood
8. He garnered a “Faith and Values Award” nomination in the Grace Award category, which is awarded for the Most Inspiring Performance in Movie or Television by Mediaguide, an organization which provides movie reviews from a Christian perspective.
9. His big upcoming role will be with Johnny Depp.
10. His great-great-grandfather founded the Communist Party in New York!

 BONUS WILD CARD CLUE: two words - "Navy Mallet"


  1. Armie Hammer - gotta love his "Billy"

  2. Yup, this gave it away:

    "With the help of CGI, he played identical twins in a now famous movie"

  3. Robert Reed, you are correct!

    ...that was fast.

    His new role as the Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp as Tonto will be produced by Disney and Jerry Bruckheimer - the same team that brought you the Pirates of the Caribbean.

  4. btw...Armie's father founded Grace Christian Academy in the Cayman Islands.

  5. 6' 5"? O_o That's even taller than I am...


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