Friday, January 20, 2012

Corky Delivers a Message at SEA

Corky delivers an important message to the Society of Evangelical Arminians 
 in Martext, South Dakota
(see comments in post below for mo info)


  1. Good job, Corky. The message of Romans 9 seems to have a way of overturning Arminian theology. : )

  2. Calvinist Aaron Wolf huffed & puffed and blew away the Arminian house of cards...

  3. Corky used his free will to turn over their house! Cool.

  4. Just so there is no misunderstanding, I did nothing to their building. That is the way it was constructed. Notice the S.E.A. logo on the upside down roof.

  5. And here I thought you had turned turned their sign the right way around just to be nice.

    But I suppose the actual effect of a Romans 9 grenade on the Arminian house (were it to be deployed) would be to turn the house right side up.

  6. "Martext" lol


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