Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Corky Stops by TWSJ

Corky came by the humble headquarters of The Word Street Journal today to pay Paul Latour and his lovely wife, Kim a visit. One of the staff told Corky he could find them downtown witnessing on the street. After a few minutes, Corky found them and spent the rest of the day spreading the Good News.
Paul and Kim treated Corky to a marvelous dinner at Denny's afterwards, and then took him for a tour of their office. Great fellowship and great encouragement!


  1. Well if this isn't the honor of honors! What a great surprise! Corky is a wonderful Romans 9 grenade person thingy - whatever he is. He said you knew he was coming over to visit us at our "funky-ship-run-a-ground-turned-office building" but he never said anything about you planning to post about his day with us on your blog. You guys are great. Weird? Yes, but GREAT! Hey, continued blessings from our wonderful Lord to you, brother Eddie. Never saw THAT one coming. :)

  2. Your office reminded me of two kinds of ships...fellowship and discipleship.


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