Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Put the Brakes on T.D. Jakes

Click HERE for heresy report.
And HERE for updated info.


  1. How does a modalist get a show on the TRINITY Broadcasting Network? Then again, it is TBN?

  2. Whoops, ignore the second question mark.

  3. It is rumored that T.D. Jakes places out-of-work NFL offensive linemen into the audience to "shake-down" the faithful.

    And those guys can be REALLY OFFENSIVE.

  4. Perhaps a bit of Orange spurt in his eye.

  5. No commentary needed for this, just the sad truth.

  6. Saw him at the Elephant Room 2 today. Specifically went to see Driscoll put him through the ringer but got to see something awesome. If this is true, he's had quite a change of heart on this. Paraphrasing, he said that through reading the Bible he now has a very open hand on the idea of the trinity (as we all should outside of the distinctives) and then he affirmed all necessary to be a Christian. Bible is our full and final authority, God exists in three 'persons' simultaneously, Jesus died to save man and the only thing required for salvation is to repent and trust in Christ for our salvation. Given where he was this is a fundamental change in who he is. Very good stuff.

    We should all applaud him on this transition and, while cautious, trust that he told us the truth.

    Remember, if he affirms the doctrinal distinctives, anything we pile on is our religion, not the gospel.

    Link to more info

  7. T.D. could also stand for "theological deception".
    ...there is also the prosperity gospel issue y'know.


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