Monday, September 27, 2010

The Only Catholic "Priest" I Enjoy LIstening To

You can download the entire album here!
This site has many other albums you can download as well.
Most are children's records.
I haven't heard or downloaded this myself,
and based on his routines, I assume there is
no bad language recorded.


  1. I don'ta knowa abouta da totala depravity. I thinka I'm a da gooda fella most of da tiempo. When I'ma sober, Ima bella fella...

    In the 70s, I watch SNL and laughed at the thought of a drinking and smoking priest. Then the 80s and 90s rolled around I began to hear about the pedophile and homosexual priests... Oy vei. I would say father Sarducci is more orthodox than any real priest...

  2. Has some funny stuff--But there is some not so appropriate material on here--ie. making light of sexual sins

  3. Thanks for the quick review, Mr. Taylor (I love your work in "The Birds" and "The Time Machine"). Not having downloaded the record or ever hearing any of his albums myself, I appreciate the warning for all to read. At least the site has many other records you can download and feel absolutely safe about.

  4. Not a problem--I probably made some innapropriate sexual comments in those shows too


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