Monday, September 20, 2010

Two New Editions


  1. I caved. Ordered the book this morning. I expect it to arrive in South Africa in about 30 years. Look forward to it!

  2. ahhh, brother Jansie, you must have ordered the large print edition.

  3. Yup! I'll be renting a large truck to fetch it from the harbour.
    In the meantime, I started plans for a special workshop to house the book in.
    I want to start an engineering company with the book as the central theme (literally).
    So I hope your book's pages are flame-retardant. There'll be a lot of sparks flying all day, all while we're reading the next chapter of the by then infamous book.

  4. Brother Eddie, I looked for a contact email or form on your site, but found none. I'd like to pick your brain. I want to start spending more time doing creative work.
    Here's the thing: I've been scratching on a tablet for some time now, but it's one of those where you scratch on the tablet, but have to look at the screen. I've always had talent to draw, but never really developed it. And when I received the tablet, and saw what I did, I was disappointed. I thought I'd lost my gift.
    Then, lo and behold, the other day I scratched around with a pen on a piece of paper, and I realised what the problem is! Looking at the screen and drawing in a different place is much more difficult!
    So, I started looking at drawing tablets (the kind where you draw where you look, like Wacom's Cintiq). Do you make use of something like then when creating stuff? Any suggestions?
    The Wacom Cintiq costs a lot of money; more so if you buy it in South Africa.

  5. Maybe Bobo Laughface could make a donation towards a tablet! ahahahaha!!!!

  6. Top-of-the-line Wacom tablets are amazing! My son works at Gearbox where they develop video games. I got to use one for a few minutes there on the site. Nothing short of astounding. They are very expensive (in Kuwait it would be about twice the price) so I suggest you do what I do. Experiment with whatever image program you have by scanning in your art (you can just use pencil sketches and touch up the scans). The "talking cat" strip was done that way. Be sure to make notes of the effects that work for you so you can repeat the process with future drawings. If you have a Photoshop program I can help.

  7. Nah, don't have photoshop. too expensive, and too complicated. i prefer having different programs for different applications. i have this in my toolbox:
    autodesk sketchbook pro (flipping sweet!).
    xara designer 6 (very nice too).
    artrage studio pro (hardly use this one).

    i think out of the lot sketchbook pro is the one i like using most. i think for sketching it is amazing.

    and yeah, it's the same for shipping a wacom to SA. you pay almost double for the product.

    but maybe i should save towards that end and buy one down the line.

    and the other thing is: everywhere you read about wacom, it seems the reviews are the same. it seems like an unbeatable product.

    i'm a little afraid of using pencil & paper. maybe i should set a few goals towards that end, and work towards going completely digital.
    i'm starting a site for poetry soon, called sillypoetry (got the .net extension), and an artist friend of mine ( is helping me create characters.
    thing is, i'd really like to develop my drawing skills to do this type of thing myself.

    thanks eddie! appreciate your input. i may just ask for help in future.

  8. You may not have seen the large print version of the ESV Study Bible. It's almost as large as the book Eddie put in the cartoon. Not kidding. My son-in-law and I saw it at a bookstore - it's about the size of a Strong's but much heavier.

    One of the reviewers on CBD said, "This is an outstanding reference. I agree with other reviewers that it is so large that I won't be casually carrying it to church services (It's a bulky and weighs about 6 pounds.) The font size on the Bible verses is easy for me to read as is the smaller font size on the notes below the Bible text. The paper is thick enough to allow very little "bleed through" from the opposite side and presents little to no distraction from reading what is on the page. The binding is strong but I will still use it with a table or other substantial backup to preserve its integrity. I find the "Articles and Resources" to be well chosen and written and the maps at the end of the book are easy to read and understand. I am very glad I made this purchase."

    The people who really need it may not be able to pick it up.....

    Our tome, though, on the other hand, even at the size in the cartoon, still weighs less than 1 pound!


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