Sunday, September 12, 2010

45 Things God Hates

Like it or not, love and hate are connected. If I love my wife, I will hate anything that causes her harm. One of the most profound studies one can undertake is to study what God hates. I have asked many a person to get out their Strongs Exhaustive Concordance and just let the Scriptures speak for themselves. That study has never failed to make an impact. Knowing what someone loves is very revealing - but knowing what someone hates can open your eyes to their personality as well.

43 Things God Hates

(Based on Meredith’s Book of Bible Lists)
(two more will be added at the end)
1. Homosexual acts (Leviticus 18:22).
2. Bestiality (Leviticus 18:23)
3. Idols, and the materials used to make idols (Deuteronomy 7:25)
4. Blemished sacrifices (Deuteronomy 17:1)
5. Worshipping the sun, moon or stars (Deuteronomy 17:3-4)
6. Divination (Deuteronomy 18:10)
7. Astrology (Deuteronomy 18:10)
8. Enchanters (Deuteronomy 18:10)
9. Witches (Deuteronomy 18:10)
10. Charmers (Deuteronomy 18:11)
11. Wizards (Deuteronomy 18:11)
12. Necromancers (Deuteronomy 18:11)
13. Transvestitism (Deuteronomy 22:5)
14. The hire of a whore (Deuteronomy 23:18)
15. Remarriage to a former wife after she has been married to another man (Deuteronomy 24:4)
16. Dishonest scales (Deuteronomy 25:13-16)
17. Workers of iniquity (Psalm 5:5)
18. The wicked (Psalm 11:5)
19. Those who love violence (Psalm 11:5)
20. The froward [perverse] (Proverbs 3:32)
21. A proud look (Proverbs 6:16-17)
22. A lying tongue (Proverbs 6:17)
23. Hands that shed innocent blood (Proverbs 6:17)
24. A heart that devises wicked imaginations (Proverbs 6:18)
25. Feet that are swift in running to mischief (Proverbs 6:18)
26. A false witness who speaks lies (Proverbs 6:19)
27. Anyone who sows discord among brethren (Proverbs 6:19)
28. Lying lips (Proverbs 12:22)
29. The sacrifices of the wicked (Proverbs 15:8)
30. The ways of the wicked (Proverbs 15:9)
31. The thoughts of the wicked (Proverbs 15:26)
32. The proud in heart (Proverbs 16:5)
33. Those who justify the wicked (Proverbs 17:15)
34. Those who condemn the just (Proverbs 17:15)
35. Vain sacrifices (Isaiah 1:13)
36. Feasts as Israel celebrated them (Isaiah 1:14)
37. Robbery for burnt offering (Isaiah 61:8)
38. Idolatry (Jeremiah 44:2-4)
39. Evil plans against neighbors (Zechariah 8:17)
40. False oaths (Zechariah 8:17)
41. Esau (Malachi 1:1-3; Romans 9:13)
[Actually, it’s "Jacob have I loved, and Esau have I hated" -ed.]
42. Divorce (Malachi 2:14-16)
43. The deeds of the Nicolaitans (Revelation 2:6, 15)

Joel Meredith has compiled a book of Bible lists "to entertain, interest, fascinate, stimulate and, most of all, to educate." There are some minor problems with this list, but it gives you a good idea of what things God finds to be abominations, or are detestable to Him. Somehow, the author missed a couple. By adding in the following, the list grows to 45 things God hates:

44. "You shall not set up a sacred pillar, which the LORD your God hates" (Deuteronomy 16:22).
45. "I hate, I despise, your feast days" (Amos 5:21). This goes with Isaiah 1:14: "Your new moons and your appointed feasts My soul hates."

You may have heard the expression, "God hates the sin, but loves the sinner." Although that is not a biblical statement per se, it has been accepted as a true statement. But after reviewing this list, that may not be such a sure conviction. What do you think?

Oh...and by the way, God's love and hate is different than ours. His is always a holy, righteous love and a holy, righteous hatred.


  1. That's a faulty understanding of Isaiah 1:14. The Lord did not hate the feasts, etc. "the way Israel did them". It was their sinning in terms of treatment of the weak and each other that angered Him not some inherent deficiency in their service. Keeping Holy Days, offering sacrifices and the like could not satisfy God Who wanted His people to treat each other with love and dignity. Were they to repent and return to Him, the rituals would once again be appropriate service to God.

  2. I agree the expression, "God hates the sin, but loves the sinner" is not Biblical. How do people lovingly explain that this is incorrect? I'm just sick of hearing that and hearing people quote John 3:16 "for God SOOOOOO loved the WHOLE WORLD!!!" *pulls hair out* Which verses do people recommend?

  3. This is a sobering piece Eddie.
    We know that both Jacob and Esau were sinners yet:

    "Just as it is written, "JACOB I LOVED, BUT ESAU I HATED."

    I would like to repost this on my blog with your permission.

  4. No no no, Eddie. That's not right. God only hates those who believe and take a firm stance on His word as being authoritative, inerrant, and applicable to everyday life.

    You see, wise men like Brian McLaren and others have told us the Bible is unclear and confusing...who can know what it means? It's better to say that God is love and He would never send anyone to hell (if hell even exists).

    Relax, turn up a brewsky, and enjoy life Eddie. A new (broad) way is emerging...

    (heavy sarcasm intended).

  5. Such a fantastic glimpse into the wicked heart of man (this list of what the righteous God despises). We heard a sermon on hell last night. Sobering stuff. Good to hear. Makes me realise how absolutely desperate I am in need of Jesus.


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