Friday, September 17, 2010

Fan Photo from Kirby Grant

Thanks, Kirby! We had no idea!
A check for $7,000 is on its way!


  1. Sure! Sometimes attempting to understand the vast complexities of Calvinistic Theology is not unlike gargling with a swarm of angry hornets while suffering the brain-freeze after consuming K-Mart's Icee way too fast...

    ...but after all, the sovereignty of God unto His great and ultimate glory does ELECTRIFY as His Word is magnified above all His name.

    For AC to AC converters, I like the time-tested Psalm 138 Version...

    because there's no more sizzing and dripping, like with lesser versions modified with Amyraldism or short-circuited with semi-Pelagianism.

    Yup! 18VAC more powerful than Psalm 120. It's the real deal for technological appeal!

    "Yowza, Satch!" exclaims Skeeter, "You can plug 'er in!"

    "That's right," says Satch. "With today's rechargeable Against Calvinism, the illumination from the Holy Spirit makes the scriptures come alive as the soul saved by grace is progressively sanctified, by God's grace!"

    "Heavens to Murgatroyd, Satch! Why doesn't somebody tell me these thing?"

    "Somebody just did, Skeeter. Somebody just did."


    Buy the book!

  2. @ Jeff - Google Kirby Grant and you may have a clue to where the magazine came from. da book!


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