Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Improved Video Promo!


  1. It's working! Hope ya do, ol' friend. Funny think is, I don't have a copy myself! I had my free copy sent to an American address so that next year, I can retrieve it. I don't really trust the mail system here in Kuwait. They can open any package they want to and examine the contents. Fortunately, I know the contents. A doctor friend of mine got his copy and had the appendix removed by next morning.

  2. I received mine in the mail the other day…oh what a day it was. I sat down and read it from cover to cover. I must say it reads very well and is thought provoking in its approach in refuting Calvinism. I did however find the logical arguments for Arminianism to be very transparent and seemed lacking. They just did not really add much to the otherwise solid research.

    In spite of this short coming I highly recommend this publication.

  3. We are saved by Grace through Faith. So there is a balance between the Sovereignty of God (Grace) and the Responsibility of Man (Faith).

    I suppose the Calvinists are armed with their Scriptures and the Arminians are armed with their Scriptures when it comes to defending their positions.

    Maybe there is a simpler way: the proof is in the pudding. I am definitely not a Calvinist. In my hitchhiking travels, I will meet an ardent Calvinist and I will try to have fellowship with them, but there is such spiritual dryness ("the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life").

    If we ABIDE in Christ, it will be impossible to have spiritual dryness. "Draw nigh to me and I will draw nigh to you."

    The Lord is always there for us, but we need to seek Him, know Him intimately and OBEY HIM.

    I was once in this Christian church years ago (it was very cultish), and one of the pastors said that when we sin, we are already forgiven. Whatever happened to being convicted for sin first and then repenting and asking for forgiveness? I guess you would call that extreme Calvinism.

  4. Sorry you had some bad experiences on your hitchhiking travels. Before I married, I hitchhiked across the U.S.
    You won't find any "dried out" Calvinists here! I've met a few myself.
    Camp out here for a while and you just might start enjoying the fellowship.

  5. Mr. Duncan: Rumor has it the warehouse still has a few left....


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