Monday, February 28, 2011

Finney's Nightmare

Benny Finney was afraid,
When on a pillow his head laid,
To dream of things like Romans 9;
Of Corky Velveeta and his kind.


  1. As he laid in his bed awakened from sweet dreams of Just As I Am ringing in his hand as he stood on the towering platform yelling I see that hand, the image of Corky jarred him into reality as he realized that his methods and means would blow up and come back to haunt him as he heard the Father day, I never knew you Charles G Finney. On the other hand, well done my faithful servant Corky!

  2. hahaha love it! And the comments ;-)

  3. "Corky and his kind"? There's another Romans 9 grenade out there?

  4. Benny's mind searched the scriptures. Surely it's "apple of His eye" he though not "Pineapple grenade in my eye"?

  5. Good one, Mr. Gregg! :D You folks are so funny.

  6. His eyes were open, now awake;
    He realized he was a fake;
    He then remembered his favourite song;
    "Relax" he knew it all along.

    That's all I got...LOL

  7. Never mind the conundrum that he didn't CHOOSE this dream.

  8. Underneath it all, I think Benny Finney is just a confused Calvinist.

  9. All Christians are Calvinists at heart, right? There is not room for free will in the real world.


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