Saturday, April 25, 2009

Lyrical Miracle Contest # 8

In this contest you need to come up with words to match the tune,
"Image" by John Lennon.
Even though I hated the lyrics, I always thought the music was beautiful.
Now it is your time to write it the way it should be written!
The chosen one will be announced on Thursday, April 30th.
So take your theological vitamins and start writing!


  1. Imagine no more atheists
    Whose deity is man
    They think we're just mutations
    And only here by chance
    Imagine them recanting
    Owning God is real...

    Imagine them admitting
    By sin, they've all been duped,
    We didn't come from monkeys
    Or primordial soup
    Imagine Richard Dawkins
    Saying he was wrong...

    You may say I'm a Christian
    And I'm not the only one
    I don't believe in evolution
    It was God and Him alone

  2. Fantastic! I finally have good theology to replace bad philosophy! (a thousand balloons are now released into the heavens)


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