Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Hip Hop That Won't Stop

You may or may not care for hip hop.

But all you Calvinists out there will eat up
the lyrics of this talented musician
(he is a 5-Pointer)
and he lays down some Sovereign Grace doctrine
everywhere he goes.
(He even has a rappin' bio of Spurgeon!)

read some of his tunes and see what I mean:

I also did a "Hip Hop" gospel tract for
Good News Publishers a few years ago.
You can read every page of it here:


  1. I also recommend FLAME. Very reformed hip-hop....

    and this coming from a guy who generally doesn't like rap at all.

  2. One of Shai Linne's songs.

    He's on Lamp Mode Records. A Christian Hip Hop label. They used to have more of his song's available. He raps an exposition of Romans 9 in one of the ones formerly available.


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