Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Lookalike Contest Winner

Announcing the winner of Calvinistic Cartoons'
"Eddie Eddings Lookalike" Contest!
Full-time Calvinist, Vernon T. Moison, of Kidneybean, Illinois, has won two subscriptions to the new magazine for 5-Pointers, "High Five Jive". Watch for your two copies to start arriving this week!


  1. That is incredible. The resemblence is uncanny. He has two eyes; you have two eyes. He has facial hair; you have facial hair. He's white; you're white. But then, you know what they say, "they all look alike to me."

    You two must be related. Are you identical twins?

  2. Good point (Calvinists always have good points)...he is now holding a very rare red tulip with a rose stem found only in the Geneva Botanical Gardens near the Holland tunnel.

  3. Actually, I thought this was more like it.



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