Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Trouble Makers

If you don't want to be upset by ranting atheists,
It's in the comments where they show their true colors.


  1. That's just sad. Lost souls, who don't even have the ability to know that they are lost.

  2. These miserable, pathetic souls are part of an atheistic team called, "The Raytractors - Ray Comfort's Detractors". They gang up on Christian blogs and use their pigpen tactics to stink up the site with their atheistic pig slop. They are not wanting a real debate - they just want to rant and rave and mock the Christian faith. Hand them some pearls and they will trample them underfoot.

  3. I'm through arguing on an intellectual level about the gospel, and i would advise others to be careful to not make too much of it.
    i realised that when i argued with atheist friends, it was to boast in my intellectual understanding. "see, i did think these things through! i'm not stupid like you say i am! i too can be part of your in group! please see me for how intellectually i think about these things!" pride.

    it could become a trap. we're to share a very simple message (a message that sounds ridiculous in this "post-modern" age), and God grants grace. he's the one doing the visits on the "day of visitation".

  4. Wow!

    You guys glorified God. Well done for that. Praying those God will save those poor poor souls.

    Eddie I am never going to debate anything with you (Not that I need to).

    That was some whoopping!

  5. Jansie

    It is encouraging to read Timothy Keller's accounts of his encounters with skeptics at his church in New York City. His book, The Reason For God: Belief in an Age of Skepticism, offers some valuable insights.

    Like Francis Schaeffer said, sometimes we need to "clear the brush" out of the way in order to reach a listening ear.

    Of course, as you found out by experience, some people are only setting Christians up with their questions for the purpose of trashing the Gospel.


  6. Eddie,

    The "Raytractors" was the original group that is now called the Wearesmrt Forum. While Ray Comfort and Living Waters Ministries are still the primary focus of the forum's posts, they also discuss other groups and individuals whom they refer to as "professional non-thinkers."

    When "Raytractors" was first organized, I remember their saying on their blog that the first goal was to "bring down" Ray Comfort's Living Waters ministry. Then after they had made a name for themselves by accomplishing that, they would go after other, more well known, ministries.

    Defending and promoting the doctrine of evolution is of supreme importance to them, and Evolution vs Creation appears to be the primary ground on which their opposition to God is argued.


  7. Just in case it isn't clear, the current thread on my blog is a follow on to a previous post where I linked to the Pyromaniacs. Frank Turk had invited readers who disagreed with the teachings of Calvinism to give their reasons why.

    After directing my readers to Pyromaniacs, I invited anyone who wishes to give their opinions about Calvinism to leave a comment on "Stranger's Blog."

    I mention this in case anyone got the impression that the atheists suddenly descended on my blog without warning.


  8. Thanks for the added info, Craig.

  9. This seems pretty typical of people who adamantly deny Christ, atheists or theists of other stripes. On the one hand, they try to judge orthodox Christians by a false understanding of Christianity while on the other hand denying their false understanding to be true.

    I think the effect is to point out what they think are inconsistencies in the Christian worldview, but they only reveal a blindness to their own inconsistencies. "Why if Christians are right, God must be some sort of a monster." However, given the divine reigns, according to their behavior, they would be far worse than they perceive the Christian God to be.

    They don't even realize why it is that they care enough to sink the hours into fighting what they think is a delusion.


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