Friday, July 2, 2010

Just for Laughs #106

We began this week with lumberjacks and
end this weeks with lumberjacks.
We still need captions though.
Especially Canadian ones.


  1. Oh, captions, eh?

    "He's a Calvinist, He's not Ok, Jesus Christ is his trust and stay. He confesses sin, doesn't look within, and knows that God is King."

    Sorry, that wasn't a caption.

  2. If a tree falls in the forest with only Emergent lumberjacks around to witness it, does it make a noise?

    No one can be sure since Emergents must conduct a conversation in order to determine reality as it is viewed through the mist and fog of post-modern, ego-maniacal mindset.

  3. For only 21 loonies, you too can have your best life now, eh! Just give'er.

  4. He's Arminian and he's OK,
    He loses his salvation twice per day...

  5. This years Christmas Extravaganza will feature the smooth stylings Alberta Mounted Police Choir, with special guest conducter, Sven Neverchosen. Get your tickets early, eh, and receive a free jar of fresh maple syrup.


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