Sunday, July 4, 2010

Guess Who #18

Clue: There is a connection with this man
and the Christian rock band, Newsboys.


  1. No, Mike Erich the Mad Theologian, it is not Steve Taylor...or Andy Taylor for that matter.

  2. Looks like Lutheran and action film director John Woo...but where do the Newsboys fit in?

  3. It is indeed John Woo.
    The Newsboys wrote a song about him entitled, "John Woo".

    Here are the lyrics:

    Roll down the windows
    Don't shift in your seat
    I don't care if the wind blows
    I don't care about the heat
    All those John Woo showdowns
    Don't prepare you for this:
    A little bit Face-Off
    A little Killers...kiss

    Listen hard
    This is why our band has a bodyguard
    Draws 'em
    Don't let it show
    Driver, there's a bee trapped in the limo
    (Driver, there's a mad bee in my limo)

    When a bug plays chicken
    Feathers fly
    If the driver's allergic
    One sting, we die
    A real buzz-killer
    Wouldn't have missed
    I'm just making him meaner
    With every flick of my Gucci-wielding wrist

    John Woo, John Woo
    John Woo, John Woo

    Listen hard
    This is why I needed a library card
    Finds 'em
    Knocking about
    Driver, there's a metaphor trying to get out

    Music by Peter Furler and Steve Taylor / Lyrics by Steve Taylor
    ©2002 Dawn Treader Music (admin. by EMI Christian Music Publishing) / Soylent Tunes / SESAC


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