Thursday, July 22, 2010

Light or Heat?


  1. A better question is, How many Arminians does it take to burn the burgers? Somebody take away that dude's chef hat.

  2. A discussion on Buzz between an Armenian and a Calvinist (guess which one's which):

  3. Arminian Joe: Hey Bob, I lost my salvation twice this week but I got it back by deciding to let Jesus be Lord!

    Dispensational Dan: Don't worry, Joe, you're just a carnal Christian. Did you write the date and time when you prayed those magic words after the evangelist said, "I see that hand"? If so, you are assured of eternal life...

    Arminian Joe: Where does the Bible say that?

    Dispensational Dan: Nowhere exactly, it must be true however because I heard a televangelist say it...

  4. Arminians prestesting their works-righteousness by fire!


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