Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Guess Who #20

Clue: When he became a Christian he always shot from the hip.
And truth was preached as people were drawn.


  1. Too easy, because you didn't change the name of the image file after you grabbed it from Wikipedia...

  2. That, I guess, is the ultimate clue. What a doofus I am. So now, maybe someone can provide some info on this Christian artist.

  3. ...or maybe, how the clues relate.

  4. It seems everyone must be out celebrating July 9th, so I will give you a little information on Mr. Stan Lynde.

    Stan Lynde was born in Billings, Montana on September 23, 1931. He is an American comic artist, painter, novelist and was raised on his father’s ranch near Lodge Grass, Montana on the Crow Indian Reservation.

    Lynde created the comic strip Rick O'Shay in 1958, and it was a huge critical and commercial success. It was set in the west and mixed humor with strong storytelling. After a dispute with the syndicate, Lynde left the strip in 1977.

    Stan was co-founder and a director of The Great Montana Centennial Cattle Drive which celebrated Montana’s centennial with a 60 mile cattle drive from Roundup, Montana to Billings. The six-day drive featured 2,812 cattle, 3,337 horses, 208 wagons, and 105 of the state’s top cowboys.

    In 1979, Lynde returned with another comic strip, called Latigo, starring Cole 'Latigo' Cantrell. His father was a mountain man and his mother a Crow Indian. The daily strip was launched on June 25, 1979, joined by a Sunday strip, on July 1, 1979. It was not a great commercial success however, and ended in 1983. In 1984 and 1985, Lynde produced the weekly panel Grass Roots which was revived in 1998.

    Lynde has written 5 novels: The Bodacious Kid in 1996, Careless Creek in 1998, Vigilante Moon in 2003, Saving Miss Julie in 2004 and Marshal of Medicine Lodge in 2005.

    Stan Lynde and his wife Lynda founded Cottonwood Publishing so he could publish books reprinting his comics, and new material (primarily western novels). In 2002, Lynde returned with another exclusive comic for Fantomen; Bad Bob which is about a hopeless Wild West criminal.

    Stan calls himself “a westerner by birth and inclination” and his work aptly reflects his life-long interest in the history, lore, and legend of the American west. He is a member of the Western Writers of America, and is a recipient of the Inkpot Award for Achievement in the Comic Arts, as well as the Montana Governor’s Award for the Arts. He lives in Helena, Montana with his wife Lynda.

  5. Stan Lynde became a Christian during his Rick O'Shay syndicate days(the strip had a character named Hipshot Percussion - hence the clue) and would preach the Gospel to newspaper readers through a preacher he introduced into his comic strip.


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