Thursday, July 15, 2010

Leave Your Tracts Behind

Here is the front page and opening pages of another tract I did several years ago that is still available from Good News Publishers:

I get no royalties from this - I was paid outright for my work.
This is for evangelism purposes. Please keep plenty of tracts on hand, in the car, by the door of your home, in your wallet or purse, in your Bible, or use as bookmarks in some other book. Planting these seeds of Truth can be rewarding in more ways than one. Take some time and plant some tracts at the public library. Find a row of books (maybe pick a certain subject that could use some tracts, like teen fiction or witchcraft) place a stack of tracts on a shelf, then open each book on your row and stick a tract inside. It's that easy!
Anyone have more ideas for sowing some gospel seeds? ...or what to say when giving a tract to someone?


  1. Humor + art + an invaluable message = a great way to communicate the gospel.

  2. A great post, Eddie. I agree wholeheartedly Christians should always have tracts on hand. I use Chick tracts primarily (don't care for Ray Comfort's, which I know are loved by many tract evangelists). Being a comic book fan, I came up with an idea for the 2011 Free Comic Book Day to bring a bunch to the local shop and give 'em away outside as free comics. I noticed this year fans and kids were grabbing everything and stuffing it in their bag. I also include a few tracts in everything I sell on Amazon, leave with a tip at restaurants and include in every bill I mail out. I trust God your post will inspire a few folks to get the Gospel out with tracts, a time-honored and effective methiod that has fallen on hard times. -- Gary in Omaha


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