Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Blog Goal

Probably the fastest growing Christian blog in the entire Blogospere (located in middle cyber-space) is the Old Geezer blog, with 718 members to date. (not that he dates each member - he has been married quite a while). I would personally hand him a golden trophy but, (1) it's too expensive and (2) I live too far away (Kuwait). So unless someone knows of a faster expanding blog...congrats Ron! You have created a very popular blog (and created a lot of new friends).
My personal goal for my own blog is to reach 207 followers before the year 2012. (I try and make it easy on myself because I am continuing to age 60 minutes per hour)
The ULTIMATE GOAL for any Christian blogger should be to glorify the Lord Jesus Christ. I hope along the way, you will stop and send up a praise to the One who was born of a virgin, lived a sinless life, was crucified, buried, and rose from the dead. He will return like He promised...and we are closer today than we were yesterday. 


  1. Well I would say, to get followers, you must follow, but it would appear that I'm already following your blog. Apparently, I underestimated the sneakiness. (And no, I don't follow the logic of my opening sentence, but some how it seems to fit contextually.)

  2. Congrats to the Old Geezer Blog site and my good friend Ron!

    You are amazing you old geezer! What a privilege it is drop by your blog for a laugh, a cry, a good kick in the seat.

  3. Thank You Brother Eddie!!!

    This humble Old Geezer does not deserve such a high and lofty honor. And Mrs. Geezer said, AMEN!

    All I can say is, Thank You! and keep "THE FAITH" - Jesus is coming back soon!

    Brother Ron

  4. Eddie, I hope you do NOT achieve your goal.

    Of course, I am referring to the one you set last January, to have 130 followers at the end of the year ; )



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