Wednesday, March 31, 2010

No Joke!

A proposal to gain 600.000 m2 of land near the Dutch coast recently came from the CDA (Dutch Christian-Democratic political party). The idea is to create a tulip-shaped island that will provide agricultural space, clean energy, a new national airport and protect the current coastline all at once. The proposal must be seen as a teaser to market the idea of creating such an island. However it is not entirely unthinkable that it may become realized; Dutch contractors already built a Palm-shaped island located off the Deira coast of Dubai.

Despite Arminian propaganda this is not going to be a prison for Calvinists.


  1. An Arminian island would be harder to build. What shape is a Remonstrant anyway?

  2. Not in very good shape at all, Andy. Not in very good shape at all.

  3. I would never want to leaf that island!


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