Monday, March 29, 2010

Faye Rosehart Atheist

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  1. Faye Rosehart, atheist theme song, sung to the tune of 'If I only Had a Heart.'

    When a gal’s a bronco rider
    She should be off the apple cider
    And yet I know I’m smart
    Just because I’m resistant
    to the truth of God’s existence;
    Don’t say I have no heart

    I am gentle, I am hearty,
    Intellectual, a smarty
    In humanities and art
    I am tolerant to many
    but not to God ‘cause there ain’t any
    So don’t say I have no heart

    Picture me the heav’ns above
    It’s silent like a tomb

    Where’s the promise of His coming?

    What’d I say? No God, no way!

    I’m an atheist, a skeptic, a humanist, eclectic
    And really feel the part
    I could stay young and smokin’
    From my cigarettes you’ll be chokin’
    But don’t say I have no heart.


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