Monday, January 4, 2016

Heard the Words Before


  1. Is this the latest Chick tract? I'll take an order of 100 and send them to Gail Riplinger.

  2. The only Chick you'll see here is on Old MacDonald's farm. Place smiley face here.

  3. ~Anonymous from Mt. Hope~
    I get the humor, Ant-Calvinists using a Calvinist translated Bible. I know the old KJV might be viewed as an "unlearned" Fundamental Baptist choice. I am a Calvinist, and I use the KJV (as y'all know translated by Calvinists). I can't, and won't use modern versions. The demonic duo (Wescott & Hort) were opposed to Reformation Doctrine, even calling substitution atonement immoral. The United Bible Society proudly flaunt that they follow Wescott & Hort's methodology, and have the backing of the RCC.I choose to use the venerable translation that was done by folks who actually loved the Word of God and believed God preserved his Word to us. Our eternal destiny depends upon having the very Word of God. What would the reformers say about using a Greek text endorsed by the Romans Catholic Church?


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