Friday, April 25, 2014

Want a Picture with Corky?

You send me a ten dollar Amazon Kindle gift card and I will create for you the following:

THREE photomanipulations of photos you email me. Corky can be at your wedding (see photo below), dinner party or backyard barbecue.   

-----Step 1   Send the gift card via email by going to Amazon and creating a gift for Eddie Eddings. My gmail address is:

-----Step 2   Send me your photos. I will Photoshop Corky Velveeta in so it looks absolutely real. If you request it, I could send you and Corky back into the past. (Only need ONE photo of your face and I will choose the time period and old photo.) These will make great screen savers, wallpaper or novelty gifts. I will send these back within a day or two at a resolution of 72 dpi. If you permit, I will post one or two on my blog as part of Corky's travel log.

This will help me not to get reader's block and provide more ideas for Calvinistic Cartoons.

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