Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Just for Laughs #295

Funny captions needed.
Apply below.


  1. "Miss, I understand you are a Calvinist. Well, this is an Arminian church and you can't just believe any old thing you want around here. Now I'm going to take you to see the pastor whether you like it or not!"

  2. "What exactly do you mean when you say that the Engineer only knows all the possible destinations for this train?"

  3. That second one is good from serloren. My uncouth caption didn't make it. :-(
    Oh well, it just came from me working at LifeWay and seeing all kinds of people try to take people's hands and lead them to heresy such as TD Jakes, "Sarah" Calling, and the like while still saying they don't include charismatic authors.

    That is why I had the woman saying, yes I'll go to see your average heretic next door, but I'm going to tell you everything that's wrong about it. yeah, it wasn't the best caption, but that's on my mind.

  4. Meghan New...I didn't delete anything. Your comment must have got caught in the spam filter...

  5. If you liked The Tunnel Of Arminianism you're going to love The Zipline To Heaven that Pastor Chuckles had installed last week.

  6. Mona Moses finds an escort in Tommy Theonomy!


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