Friday, April 4, 2014

CC Movie Logo

We here at Calvinistic Cartoons headquarters in Salmiya, Kuwait,
would like to thank R. C. Sproul for designing this logo for C.C.
R.C. (Ricky Charles - no relation to the famous theologian) used to work at the Sola Bootstrapa Gift Shop in Boise, Idaho. He quit his job after his "enlightenment" and is now the art director for Five-Point Feature Film Studios in Holland.  Great job, R.C.!


  1. Is the Sola Bootstrapa Gift Shop still open in Boise? If so I would like to stop in if my travels take me there. Of course, fact and fiction gets quite muddled when I examine your posts! ;-) Perhaps that is also the case with the "Five-Point Feature Film Studios", although I doubt I will make it to Holland any time soon. What film productions have they been involved with? Of course, none of the above is the motivation for this comment. Here it is: How do you translate "Amore Risus Gratia Theologiae", and what really is the source for this motto?

  2. Pastor Jack! Nice to hear from you again.
    "Amore Risus Gratia Theologiae" translated into English is "Love, Laughter, Grace, Theology",
    The source is the essence (hopefully) of my blog.

  3. Looking forward to some TULIPtastical films!

  4. Eddie: Well, that settles that! I was trying to excavate a predicate from your four word motto to discover a sentence. My hypothesis was that a profound response to MGM's "Ars Gratia Artis" (from Fr. "l'art pout l'art"; Eng. trans. "art for art's sake") awaited me at the end of my search. I must admit though, that it does express the essence of your blog!


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