Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Random Word Writing Challenge #48

Write as many paragraphs as you like using the words above.
Entries may be poetry, prose, fiction, essays or interviews.
(or any other form of creatively written expression.)
Just be funny, clever and theological...


  1. My DVDs from Mes'potamia
    Were burnt up in fire and flamia.
    My pedigree dog
    From Gog and Magog
    Seems to have suffered the sameia.

    Jotham David Parker

  2. On my way to DVD island, (it's right next to the BVD islands) my boat, which I named "Potamia" after my ex-wife, crashed on the rocks. The cabin caught fire and my dog jumped ship and headed for Pismo beach. I hates to say it, but I made a mess of Potamia.

    written from a Long John Silvers in Mesopotamia

  3. DVD haiku
    In Mesopotamia
    Of a dog on fire.

  4. I'm first to admit I live a blessed life,
    Two beautiful daughters and a lovely wife.
    I shouldn't complain since I've been so blessed,
    But I've been burdened with a thorn in the flesh.
    A large furry creature with 4 legs and 2 ears,
    My faithful dog Rex who as brought me to tears.
    He chewed up my couch, my rug, my DVDs,
    My ipad, my laptop and my old KJV.
    He then moved on to electrical wires,
    The last one he chewed set my bedroom on fire.
    I am at wits end I feel I must tell ya,
    If I didn't love him so much
    I'd ship the rascal to Mesopotamia.

  5. Time Travel Trouble

    "I get the feeling we're not in Mesopotamia anymore," I whisper to my comrades as we wake, all a bit groggy.

    "Would you look at the size of that fire," Greg whistles, noting the inferno that is raging around the stakes we're tied to. "This is so stereotypical! I demand a refund!"

    "Oh look, one of them is staring that DVD I had with me when our adventure started," Sam chuckles. "OK, step one: pray; step two: break out the gadgets; step thr -"

    "OOF!" we chorus, landing hard on some thin carpet.

    "Wazzup, cool cats!" an Elvis-like voice cries, as we realize we're inside a church building. "Or is one of you a dog? Haha! Nice of you to drop in!"

    "Is that Elvis Wesley?" Sam inquires softy as we rise to our feet.

    "It sure is, son!" the smooth talking chap responds, Benny Finney nodding off on a small pew on the pulpit near him.

    "This is worse than -" Greg begins, I cutting him off.

    "Don't say it!" I cry, as we disappear, ending up on some rope bridge in what appears to be a rain forest.

    "Got anymore bright ideas?" I continue, face palming.

    My friend grins. "I don't, but he does!"

    We follow his finger, only to see our two good friends, Corky Velveeta and Eddie Eddings, veterans in the art of time travel.

    "Thank God for that. Let's get out of here!"

    1. I will remember this incident a lot better after it actually happens.

    2. I concur. I'll be along for the ride, by the way - when it happens...

    3. I am so very glad to have these back. I LOVE these challenges!

      On a completely unrelated note, Calvinistic Cartoons needs a Facebook page.


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