Thursday, May 14, 2015

Nigel's Book in Second Edition (#7)

According to Sola Bootstrapa, Pettibone's first edition of "Jabbers" has sold completely out! All 125 copies were bought up the first two weeks it hit the bookstores. So now, by the help of Benny Finney and his staff, the second edition will hit the bookstores this weekend. The print run on this volume will be a whopping 550. Here is another excerpt from NPTAAJAH&H:

"Hell is a lot like a Black Flag Roach Motel - the wicked check in, but they don't check out! It is not a subject that is easy to talk or write about, so I am making YouTube videos with professional actors. We need this to be as real as possible on this side of eternity. I have hired the screenwriter of the Davey and Goliath TV series to direct these films. Each will be about five minutes in length and will all end the same way...screaming and gnashing. Elvis Wesley will do the music score for each spot. We are presently trying to get Kevin Hart to narrate. The first webisode will be the story of a transgender militant atheist real estate agent who is killed by a falling baby grand piano. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that the Hell sequences will be done in the wonderful artistry of the claymation team who brought you Gumby and Pokey." 

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