Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Just for Laughs #361


  1. (Thought bubble above her head.) "He's such a great guy. What a shame he's a Calvinist and I'm an Arminian."

    (Thought bubble above his head.) "Lord, she's so beautiful, but I always thought I was predestined to marry a blonde."

  2. When Rev John Meyer, pastor of Race Street Independent Baptist Church went to visit Pat Smire, the new "pastor" of David's Roof Emerging Fellowship, about using only the King James Bible, all he could do was stare when he walked into her(?) office.

    Pat: "Can I help you?"

    Rev Meyer: "I...uh... Well, I thought this was the pastor's office. The previous pastor didn't have a personal secretary."

    Pat: We don't think the term "pastor" is very kind here. I'm the new "spiritual guide" at David's Roof.

    Rev Meyer: ...


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