Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Excerpts from Nigel's New Book #3

"Ever heard of the Nigel Adam Pettibone Galaxy? Well, you will when and if you make it to Heaven. In the new Heaven and new Earth, some of us will be rulers over land and over sections of the new Universe. I have kept a record of my Heavenly rewards and I will probably serve as ruler over a smaller galaxy just left of the Milky Way. This thought came to me as I was floating down a river in a block of ice, so I know it must be real. I will have an open door policy, so every Arminian can come and visit. There will be plenty of coffee, tea and soft oatmeal cookies."


  1. The NAP Galaxy? Does a lot of sleeping go on, too?

  2. Since napping is Nigel's favorite hobby, I wouldn't doubt that there will be regulated nap times in that part of the universe.


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