Saturday, October 19, 2013

Tesla Movie 2014

A new movie about Serbian scientist Nikola Tesla will be released in 2014.. Makers say that the name - Mad Scientist – reflects the fact that Tesla was a misunderstood genius – and goes by the impressive tagline:
He’s the world’s greatest inventor and you probably never heard of him.
(Note: The title has now been changed to simply "Tesla". - Eddie)
The plot starts when Tesla sets foot on American soil and follows his life until his final moments in a New York hotel room. His rivalries with Thomas Edison and JP Morgan loom large as do his friendships with with Mark Twain and George Westinghouse. In between, Tesla changes the world.
The movie’s facebook page already has several thousand Like’s – more than half from Serbs. The American production will be set in Pittsburgh and feature plenty of Serbian dialogue.
UPDATE: The leading role of Nikola Tesla himself has been cast as Diaspora-born Branko Tomović. Branko appeared in movies including The Bourne Ultimatum and Interview with a Hitman. He has been nominated for a European Film Award and was named ‘One to Watch’ by MovieScope Magazine.
Writer and director Michael Anton said,”Branko’s performance just blew us away…he is the perfect Nikola Tesla.”
“Nikola Tesla has been a great idol of mine for a very long time. It’s a very great honour to be allowed to breath life into his wonderful character and tell his remarkable story. Michael Anton’s script is a very well written biopic, which captures Tesla’s essence and persona, his passion for his work, his extraordinary mind, his eccentricity, his ambition and the movie will show that he was not a mad scientist – but one of the greatest minds and inventors that ever lived. ” Branko Tomovic
 Branko Tomović singled out: top-5 rising star of British cinema

Branko Tomović singled out: top-5 rising star of British cinema


  1. What has Nikola Tesla got to do with Calvinism? Huh?

    1. Asking that question, or one like it, is like asking "What does ______ have to do with the sovereignty of God?" or "What does ______ have to do with the Calvinistic worldview?"
      In my humble opinion (most of my opinions are really quite humble) EVERYTHING falls under the banner of God's sovereign grace!

    2. ...btw, I noticed that your name, Alkali Stone, is an anagram for Nikola Tesla.

    3. coincidence? ....I thinketh not.

    4. It is most certainly not a coincidence.


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