Thursday, October 10, 2013

Real Deal History (T or F) #4

John Pierpont Morgan

In this new series you will learn more about historical figures than many textbooks care to acknowledge. Next in line is J.P. Morgan. These five statements below are either true or false. Before you let your fingers run to Google, try answering these questions by yourself. Answers will be posted in a few days  Have fun and prepare to have your eyes opened.

1. J. P. Morgan owned the Titanic.

2. J. P. Morgan had a purple nose.

3. Morgan's uncle, wrote "Jingle Bells" in 1857.

4. John Pierpont Morgan died in 1913, while visiting Thomas Edison in Menlo Park, New Jersey.

5. Morgan, who attended the Titanic's christening in 1911, was booked on the ill-fated April 1912 voyage but had to cancel.   
All true except for number 4
...and as far as a bonus...with J.P. Morgan, you get no bonus.


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