Friday, October 18, 2013

New Book Out Next Month

This new book, published by Where There's a Will There's a Way Publishing Company, will be officially released next month on Thanksgiving Day. Watch for an announcement in Arminian Antics (Sola Bootstrapa) in the latter part of November. 


  1. I'm handing this out to all the trick or treaters this Reformation Day!

  2. The Olsons are stealing my WiFi again.

  3. I wonder if it will have case studies from characters in the Bible that exhibited strong will-power: Pontius Pilate, Adam and Eve, Peter, Miriam, King Saul, Herod... Then there are those with a weak will like Paul, who couldn't resist god's calling, or Pharaoh, who couldn't resist God hardening his heart, or Joseph's brothers, who didn't have the strength of will to carry out their evil against Joseph without God turning it into something good. Those evil, weak-willed people!

    1. Good point. (Calvinists love good points)


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