Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Just for Laughs #360

The payoff is in the captions


  1. Pastor Jennings pays Deacon Dowel a hefty sum to keep his mouth shut about the Book of Romans.

  2. Binny Hinn heard saying: "Now, remember, I give you this and you walk the aisle and say that I cured you of chronic halitosis, acute hygienic arrest, and pneumoencephalopathy.

  3. Or even better:
    Benny Hinn: "Just walk the aisle and say you've been cured of cranial keyboard embedment syndrome, sinu-nasal liquid spewment disorder, steering wheel pounding clenched fist strain, continual gaping dry mouthitosis, and frustrative disbelief brain explosion... Take that, Chris Rosebrough!"

  4. "Hi. I'm from Bootstrap Baptist Church and this is a tract that looks like money - except it's more valuable than money. It's an invitation to come to church next week to our church for a revival. We're trying to get Mr Pettibone to be the featured speaker and we expect Elvis Wesley will be singing. We'll be taking up a love offering to help the ministry of the church."

    "If I come, can I just put the tract in the plate?"

  5. Jim, I like the name of that church (BBC).


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