Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Just for Laughs #357

So where are deez captions?


  1. Mr. Gandy complains to the property committee for the third Sunday in a row about the thermostat for the air conditioning being set too low during the worship service.

    "Have you fellows not been cold? I've got frostbite on my ears."

    "Mr. Gandy, it must be your blood thinner. It's set on 78 degrees in there. Joe Murphy's been sweating up a storm during service. He doesn't wear deodorant and he sits up front where pastor McKinley can smell him. Too much warmer and it will affect the sermon delivery, and the pastor needs all the help he can get. Maybe we can bring you ear muffs next week. Would that help?"

  2. So where is Angus Duncan?

  3. "Keep pushing Calvinism in this here church, and you remaining three points of Calvinism will disappear, too. Capiche?"


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