Saturday, March 16, 2013

Just for Laughs #252

This nice couple could use a caption or two.


  1. There is nothing like a cup of Calvinist Coffee to get you going! It's stronger than other coffees and you don't need sugar! It's already sweet as it can be!

    So, let's have another cup of coffee
    and let's read from Romans chapter nine

  2. ...And did you know honey, that Tea reminds of the T in TULIP, Total Depravity. But we need not worry for God has Unconditionally Ele...

  3. Romans 9 roast is the heavenly coffee,
    Heavenly coffee, heavenly coffee.
    Romans 9 roast is the heavenly coffee,
    Better coffee an Arminians's money can't buy.

    (So who is old enough to remember the original jingle?)

    1. You mean, Chock-Full-O-Nuts doesn't use that jingle any more?!

  4. Corky-Caffe: steeped in the water of life and made not just with the choicest scriptural beans, but every bean from the Bible plant, for truly all the beans are choice. They are the best bitter-sweet beans around. Some just want to get rid of the ones they think are the bitterest, but only Corky-Caffe uses them all to their fullest robust flavor and ability to waken the dead from their sleep.

  5. Perking up before church.

    "I made this extra strong so you don't fall asleep during the sermon like you did last week."

    "Thanks. I still have the bruise where I hit my head on the pulpit."


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